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Jade Abacus Academy

Jade Abacus Academy(JAA) 翡玉珠算學院

We provide an experienced native Mandarin teacher with qualifications in Abacus Maths, Mandarin and for educational tours.

Your child will be taught by an official examiner and exam organizer in the UK for the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce for Abacus training whilst gaining an international certificate.

Jade Abacus Academy(JAA) is a founder member of the British Abacus Association(BAA), for more information please visit: https://baauk.org/

Our Programmes:

All ages are welcome to attend our programmes but the After School Clubs and Math Interventions are for children aged 4-13 years old.

  • After School Clubs
  • Math Interventions at Schools
  • Abacus Introduction Workshops
  • Active Mind Workshops (Dementia Prevention)
  • Inclusive Education Workshops
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